Elena Ramírez
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Vinyl Table

Sustainable design
Tutor Lars Pettersson
Konstfack 2013

For this course we had to reinterpret a piece of furniture that was special for us, a memory, and then turn it into something new applying sustainable principles. When we were asked to built this new interpretation of a piece that had an emotional value, this gigantic wardrobe that was hiding under key the big collection of cartoon movies and the record collection of my father came to my mind. It was like a treasure chest: unbreakable, dark, massive... but inside it there was all this music and images that I relate with my very first memories and feelings.

I find very interesting how do we relate to a physical object our feelings, maybe depending of the apparent role that they play in our lives, in my case it was containing all this material that meant much for me.

I transformed this heavy furniture into a lighter one, building it not only as a container but also as an object that could be used as as piece of furniture.The golden brass interior was an interpretation of this "treasure" and the use of economical materials such as plywood panels helped me to remark the idea of contrast.