Elena Ramírez
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Urban Library

Urban Library

E.T.S.A.M, Madrid 2012

The distribution of the library is simple:
a circular movement and a central courtyard that provides light to the whole interior, penetrating and surrounding the gallery of natural light.

The pavilion stands with pillars and concrete floors that enhance their relationship with the land. To protect from sun and rain, the pavilion lifts a thin cover that flies 2.30m on all edges. To adapt that space, a glass box of 14.40m long by 3.15m high has glazed, containing the pillars inside accentuating the transparecy. Inside this glass box, we can find the courtyard. The nature comes inside the building and allows light and sun being a part of it.

The furniture are contemporary classical pieces, arranged at strategic points such as reading areas, keeping it simple and efficient.