Elena Ramírez
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Rocking Chair

Design industri with Blå Station
Tutors Matti Klenell and Lars Pettersson
Konstfack 1012

For this course I worked with the furniture company Blå Station. The brief was to create products inspired by the company and it's identity. My idea was to revisit the past to understand the present of Blå Station and how it works nowadays.

The rocking chair Blå is inspired by the vintage modernist play furniture designs The Joker series, which Börge Lindau (founder of the company) designed for daycares and libraries in the mid-60's. This tackable playful furniture for kids was elaborated with friendly materials as molded plywood and easy assembly, the key to follow for the design of the new product. 

The idea of shelter and movement from the original pieces referenced the shape of a baby cradle and this was translated to a rocking chair made of 2cm Birch plywood. The curved backseat piece embraces all the layers together and the puzzled structure makes all the pieces come together without joints, with an insertion. The scale of the chair is designed in due to the public areas, to create one room inside another with a soothing sensation to increase confort in public waiting areas.