Elena Ramírez
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Nothing Can Go Wrng

Pattern is the new Black.

Stand design and construction.
Elena Ramírez & David Ballester
FORMEX August 2015

During the last edition of FORMEX I was invited to design the new stand for the young designers Nothing Can Go Wrng. For the call-to-action the young designers duo decided it would be interesting to divide their 150+ ready-made prints into six different categories and made people come over and choose the one they wanted.

The message was intended to be loud and clear and attract the kind of clients that are relevant to their business, and that’s what the stand was about:

Amendment 1: Don’t be confusing. the purpose is to create something that screamed out pattern without product.

Amendment 2: Create impact. If there's not product, there's a need to have a call-to-action that made people stop and react. And that’s how we came up with…

Pattern is the new black, because it’s all around us and it can always reflect a bit of your very own personality: are you floral? maybe ethnic? or do you prefer textures and geometries? It is a universal truth that everyone has a favourite type of pattern!

When the concept was clear– Pattern is the new black– We came up with the idea of doing a “market” inspired stand, a nifty piece of furniture that could make it all look great together.

The stand is simple. The aim was to build a nice surface to exhibit all the pattern samples and where they could easily switch designs acting aswell as a little showcase. Dinamic, and very functional.