Elena Ramírez

Music Pavilion

Space, Object & Human Being
TAF arkitektkontor & Jan Garnert
Konstfack 2014

To learn about the relation of space, object and the human being using scale and light to affect a person’s spatial awareness was the purpose of this course. This space was generated by the interpretation of the lyrics of the song In my room, written from the perspective of the composer, who feels safe and comfortable only in this special space.

The pavilion is divided in three big spaces that surround the main core,
The performer's room:

The casing. A concrete layer that surrounds the pavilion. It's facade contains a number of voids that form the windows that let the natural light incide to the interior, influencing the other two volumes which are within it.

The In-between glass box. A glass box as second layer, it's gradation of colour and light play with the perception of the space of the spectator. 

The performer's room. Is a 3 square meters room where the musician plays but cannot be seen, as it's made out of one-way mirror. It's conceived as a safe place where you don't have to face the crowd but still can strongly comunicate to the exterior by sound and music. It's a shelter for the musician that will be influenced with everything he/she can perceive from the exterior without being seen.