Elena Ramírez
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Bachelor Thesis
Tutor Yolanda Cónsul

With the arrival of the new century, this area of the city and this building, Matadero, are undergoing a remarkable architectural transformation. We understand this public building as a place of relationship, where part of the market hall will accommodate various cultural and social events. The proposal is meant as an interface between the district, the city and the river, proposing a multi-market share on the top floor and a garden next to this hall.

The new design respects the actual status of the existing Hall 9, considering light as a fundamental element for the market configuration, projecting a inner light through a perimetral glass membrane. The market area is conceived as a sequence of small individual places, modulated by the structural frame of the pillars. 

The new membrane of light talks to the existing structure naturally. The glass skin extends itself varying degrees of transparency (silk panels) creating a world of shadows where the light determines the space and form. At night the reflection becomes a landmark of the city returning a projected light.