Elena Ramírez
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Louvre Café Lounge

Elena Ramírez & Fernando Sanchez 
Spain 2010

For this project we proposed a design for a café&bar, dividing the space in relation to the uses that can be given throughout the day. The small details in a big space like this are transmitted by frenchified details required by the client, combined with a modern and functional touch.

The central bar and cocktail area serve and determine the space available. The Central bar plays a major role, it is located in a strategic point serving most of the space equipped with a large storage. It's perimeter and changes the hue by a system of LED backlight. In contrast, at the Cocktail area, materials such as wood add warmth. It has a touch of french style through the use of chandeliers, and carved moldings at furniture, always combined with a modern twist.

A multifunctional space was required, so it was divided in several zones. The coffee and snack area is located next to the entrance (1). The main area and disco by night, it settled at the center of the space (2). Brunch and coffee space (3) is located next to the lounge-cocktail bar (4) that has it's own storage (6). Access to restrooms (7) and terrace (9), and the large bar (8) which serves to the main and principal part of the place. We can access to the second floor (9), where we have a reserved area (10) and Dj booth (11).