Elena Ramírez
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Feel Flows

Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2014
MA InSpace

For my master thesis I explored visual interpretations of music translation by the analysis of particular musical pieces.This experimentations have helped me seeking new ways to translate the story behind a song to create connection, insight, narrative and beauty between the music and the design of a space.

In "Feel flows" I create a visual aesthetic perception as the outcome of the process composed of intuitively interlinked sense perceptions of my understanding of the story behind the lyrics of the song that gives name to the project, Feel flows

Considering light as the main material and medium, the installation engage the audience in an aural and visual passage. This self-exploratory catwalk is fitted by a series of textile divisions placed in a rhythmic order in order to provoke a sense of exploration. As one travel through these plains is triggered by the lighting, sound and reflection changing in intensity through the ambient. This direct interaction with the visitor cause an inmediate awareness of the visual and aural environment, therefore tuning the person into this particular space.