Elena Ramírez

Family Living

Interior and Furniture Design
Sara Garanty & Elena Ramírez
Stockholm 2015

As one of my first projects within editorial design for the lifestyle magazine Family Living, I worked with Sara Garanty in two set-photographs.
The magazine was requesting inspiration from storage for kids. We dig in and worked with this concept to re-create an unique setup and solve the requested premises finding new furnitures, wallpapers, textures and special objects that could help us to evoque a whole cozy feeling.

It's fun to work with details, that's what keeps me motivated, to collect all this small pieces and combine them all together to gather a setting that is functional and fun for the kids.

For the latest issue, March 2015 we developed three more settings (pictures 5,6,7) that are inspired in the 2015 trends, such as Flowers on Pedestals (5), Holographic Surfaces (Shimmer Shammer) (6) and Marine Naive (7)