Elena Ramírez

Etage 1

Interior and Furniture Design
Sara Garanty & Elena Ramírez 
Stockholm 2015

For the occasion of every year's Stockholm Furniture Fair, the showroom Etage 1, which is located at the Stockholm Design District, invites a guest interior designer to re-develop the interior of their showroom with the new products of the companies they represent. Companies such as Bogesunds, Mitab, Luxaflex, Desyt, Aspeqt, or Morgana among others are part of this space which mainly works with big architectural firms.

During the time I've been assisting this year's guest, the interior stylist Sara Garanty, we worked together in the new design of the concept based in the use of color combinations. During the development I designed several elements, such as the color schemes for the new atmospheres, displays for products, the textil design (including the patterns for Bogesunds, and new carpets for Desyt) and different furnitures that now are part of the showroom.