Elena Ramírez

Colour Emotions

Interior & Graphic Design
María Ramírez & Elena Ramírez
Stockholm Design Week 2015

During last Stockholm Furniture Fair I was invited to be part of the collective exhibition Colour Emotions held by the stylists Sara Garanty and Åsa Lagerwall in the central restaurant Nosh and Chow in Stockholm.

I worked with them elaborating first the graphic image of the event, and then I collaborated once again with the pattern designer María Ramírez in the creation of one of the rooms of this beginning of the century apartment working with a range of soft magenta tones.

This colours (and what we interpreted out of their meaning according to the Tibetan Sanskrit mantra ‘om mani padme hum’) resulted as a collection of patterns that were inspired by white (generosity and wisdom) and red (renunciation and possessiveness) Opposites that for us worked perfectly.

In the Sanskrit that motivated every artist in the exhibition, each syllable represent a feeling and in turn, each feeling represent a color, it is though mastering all the feelings that one can achieve total freedom, and that was what we collectively were looking to archieve. It was this specific colors/feelings that gave birth to a collection of wallpapers that were produced by the swedish company Boråstapeter.

Taking advantage of the occasion we also created a collection of still-lifes with the colourful jewelry pieces of Pucalpa Studio, also guests at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. This still-lifes acquired the same theme and allowed us to work with them as three dimensional patterns, merging textures and different materials such as marble glass or natural pigment. 

For more pictures or info you can visit Colour Emotions in Instagram.