Elena Ramírez jewelry

Hej! My first jewelry collection is almost sold out! I have had the best response from people from all over the world. I will start sketching the new pieces for the new autumn-winter collection very soon, so do not hesitate to contact me for any special orders or requests, as I'll be back in the studio very soon! 

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Moodboard September — soft autumn

I did this collage inspired on my sister and the day we discovered the amazing work of the fashion designer Ryan Roche together. This summer we had a heat wave in my hometown and during one of those afternoons when we experienced almost 42 degrees, we started to follow the Talent show from Vogue’s Fashion Fund and the magic happened, we found Ryan! We didn’t care about the heat anymore!

My sister and me were already wishing to own one of those woolen outfits no matter what. Those creamy and pastel tonalities in her clothes inspired me, I wanted to translate her techniques to another fields and materials: weaved rattan chairs, pink facades and delicate ceramics…it’s a soft weaved world.

you can always click on it to enlarge!

you can always click on it to enlarge!

If you’d like to find more of the information about the images I used for the previous moodboard you can go to my Pinterest where you’ll find them with all of the links and extra info, so follow me there aswell! Have a wonderful day!

Spring inspiration

Totally glad with the explosion of color and flower smells in Stockholm, vår vår vår! I enjoy the way the trees explode though the streets of the city in armony with the colors of the facades and the people...and yes! people also blow here! åh... vackra blommor!

Richard Johansson at Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Last Sunday I had the pleasure to visit the last exhibition of Richard Johansson; 51st State at the Galleri Margnus Karlsson. Richard Johansson works in a variety of techniques, and thanks to the great craftsmanship he sensitively choose technology depending on what he wants to tell. He draws his inspiration from the stories of alienation , class struggle and social justice , rather than the seductive countryside on their doorstep . 51st State depicts a dream of America and a contemporary Swedish mirror world, but especially stories on a personal but universal plan. 


The sculpture carrying the name of the exhibition (51st State) is a back drop of a deserted city. Along the straight main street are shops, cinemas and restaurants - the archetype of a functioning society where electric wires forming the bloodstream. It is a three-dimensional painting where buildings, roofs and asphalt interact in a musical, abstract, functional whole. The emptiness and silence can be perceived scary and post-apocalyptic, but the sculpture can also be seen as a playground for dreams. 

Highly recommended!
Richard Johansson 51st State 26.3—3.5 2015

Welcome to my Tiny Museum

I'm so happy! I've finally been able to update my own webpage with samples of my work and collaborations, and also decided to create a blog where I'll be updating latest news and inspiration.

I like to think that sharing all of this things will also help to explain a bit of myself and a little bit more of what I do everyday. Welcome to my tiny museum!

Pattern testing in  glass for the setting created at the exhibition Colour Emotions with María Ramírez