I’m a Spanish multidisciplinary interior architect and furniture designer based in Stockholm. I was educated as Interior Architect from the Polytechnic school of Architecture in Madrid in 2010 and finally moved to Stockholm to study my master InSpace at Konstfack University to fulfill my dream of becoming a furniture designer.

In my work I'm fascinated by different materials and their surfaces, colors, tones, tactilities. I find very interesting the rhythm that all of this elements create when combined. I enjoy playing with them to elaborate pieces and spaces. I feel passionate about the intercommunication between simplicity, natural materials and technology. 

My inspiration comes from the things that surrounds me; a beautiful song, a perfect color scheme on a building, hidden cafés, scandinavian 60s and 70s furniture and textiles...

If you would like to get in touch regarding any projects or collaborationsyou can reach me at:

✎ hello@elenramirez.se
☎ +46 (0) 76 633 34 54